Adding Teachers

Adding Teachers

Click Add Teachers Button then go through the Teacher's info Tabs.

 User Information Tab - Users need to input all required information to add the user to GradeMaster system.  Information added in this tab will be used by the user to login into GradeMaster.

Once all the required info is entered users need to click "Add Teacher" to save the info.

School Info Tab

User Role - There are 3 roles in GradeMaster.  Administrator, Teachers, and School Staff/Admin Assistants.  Teachers by default are assigned the teacher role.  Users can also assign a secondary role to a teacher so that they can have access to admin related tasks.  To do so users may need to click on User Role drop down menu and select the desired role.

To add an image click on the No Image box.  Browse for the a photo to import from your computer and click open.

To assign a grade level to the teacher users just need to search and add a "check" mark on the check boxes to assign the to the teacher.  Once a grade level is checked the subjects are populated and the user can now choose specific subjects to assign to a teacher.  

Personal Information Tab

This is where all the personal information is entered or keyed in.  Birthdays, address, primary and secondary phone numbers and etc.

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