Administrator Account - users need to have an admin account and access to set up the school information system.

Setting Up School Year

Create Year Tab - This is where you set the school start and school end dates and specify the number of grading per school year and the date range between each grading period or the number of day for each grading period.

School Year Calendar Tab - This is where users can specify the school days versus the holidays, special holidays, and school initiated holidays.  Also users can configure the grade posting periods and the final exams for each grading period in this page.

Class Period Setup - Create daily schedule for each class period.  Users can enter custom time ranges in this page that will be assigned to subjects.  Example:  (First Period 7:00am to 8:00am)

Grade Level Setup - This is where users need to enter the grade levels available for the school.

Setting Up the Classrooms - To Setup the Classrooms users are required to input classroom name, capacity, description.  Click Edit to modify into to Delete to remove.

Adding Subjects - To add a subject users need to go to add subjects tab and click "Click to Edit Course" link.  Users then need to input Subject Name and Days of the Week.  Days of the Week -  is the days the subject will have a class in a week.  This will be use when assigning the schedules (will be sown below).

  Master Scheduler - To finalize the school setup users need to add schedules and teachers to the classes assigned in each Grade Level. When school is setup the first time users may need to add teachers first before they can add schedules to classes.


1. Grading Periods 

2. Room Setup

3. Add Subject

4. Teachers added in User Management

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