Users can import any kind of Document in the IEP Wizard by following these simple steps:

Go to Import IEP tab >

Click the "Start Upload Icon" to choose a file to import to IEP Wizard


Once the user has chosen the file to import the user can double check the filename before clicking upload to continue importing the document.

Document Preview

Once the document is upload a preview will be available in the "Preview Pane" and Edit, Save, and Cancel buttons are available.

Editing the document will take the user to a new page where document editing tools are available (More about Document Editor), cancelling the import process will cancel all process and takes the user back to import screen.

Saving the document will bring up the "Doc Type" selection screen so that users will be able to specify the type of document they are uploading and store them in the right database.

The user is prompted to choose from the selection list and once a choice had been made the document will automatically saved in the right database.

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