List of Activities

The table shows a list of activities created specifically for the subject chosen in the drop down menu in the right side of the screen.  A user can easily add scores, edit, view, copy, and delete activities in this page.

NOTE: This is the Activities listings page.  When you create a new Activity please note that you can ONLY choose the subject  and academic year while in this page. 

In the Add Activity page a user may modify the parameters, the type of activity (i.e. homework, exam, final exam, test, quiz, etc), assign the activity to specific students or all students, and set grading method to use.

A user may choose the appropriate Standards Based Grading to use for the activity.  (The user must first import or assign a Standard to the Subject before it can be added in the Activity).

Teachers can also add resources to help out students, It may be a document or a webpage URL.  Go to Home > Add activity > Add Resources

View Activity Details

Activities > Lists of Activities > Click View

User will be routed to the Activities details page where all the information about the assignment is shown.

Adding and Viewing Scores

Go to Home > Activity > List of Activity > Enter Score

To view the scores of an activity (if scores are already added) click View Scores on the action column.

Check related video: HERE

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