Help us answer your tickets faster with these simple steps.

To get a faster turn around time on your support tickets follow the simple steps below.

These are some of the info we would like to know:

1. Computer you are using (Mac or Windows)

2. Browser Used when the problem occurred (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for Mac)

3. Is this the first time you encountered the issue? (for technical problems)

4. Before proceeding we would like you to try and clear the cache/cookies on your browser.  Your browser creates a cache during your previous session and sometimes when changes are made these aren't updated and might cause issues.  Try to clear cache/cookies then reload the page again.  If issue persist then please proceed to step 5.  (check screenshot)

5.  Include a brief description of the problem.  Example:  "I am trying to add new subjects but when I hit enter after typing a name nothing happens" vs. "it doesn't work".

6. Please provide a simple step by step instruction with details on how you encountered the problem.  Example: "I was entering a student's name and was about to finish when the page suddenly reloaded", "I was scrolling from the list of Standards and when I clicked on the checkbox, it just doesn't do anything", or for advance users "Dashboard> Assignments> Add Assignment> Subject Dropdown List> crashed."

7. Choosing the correct Ticket Type is the same as choosing the right support you need.  This will help us triage the ticket and assign it to the right Team and/or person for a faster turn-around time. 

This information will help us narrow the search and will lessen the time needed to troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you very much.

GradeMaster Technical Support Team